Monday, February 28, 2011

Mommy, What Do I have That’s Like Daddy?



This was the question my precious 5 year old son asked me on the way home from church yesterday. We’re always talking about our older boys and what they got from their Daddy and what they got from me, but I guess we’ve never discussed much about what he got from Daddy.

100_1931I told him he got his smart brain from his Daddy. He amazes me sometimes with the things he knows and I’ll ask him where he learned such and such.  He just grins and points to his head saying “it’s my smart brain.”


I also told him he got his long slender body from Daddy and his hands and feet. Mark pointed out that he has his bright blue eyes, and his brother told him he got his red hair from Daddy. I’m not 100% sure where that red hair came from. Both sides of our family has red heads. My brother is a red head with 4 red headed children, so for that alone I like to claim his beautiful hair. My grandfather’s nickname was Red because of his hair. However, recently as I’ve looked at Mark’s pictures I’ve noticed he had red hair as a child, just not as bright and red as Lucas’. He also had a red headed grandmother and aunt. I guess he may have gotten his red hair from both of us Smile


I think it’s absolutely amazing that they all want to be like their Daddy!  Daddy is a wonderful example of a godly man and I hope his influence on them will always be this profound.


Christi said...

That is so sweet. Isn't it a blessing to your heart to have them want to emulate the most important man in their lives?!

SisterTipster said...

Congrats you won the Cherios prize pack! Look for an email from me ;-))

Lisa said...

How precious!!

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