Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Family that Works Together Stays Together…

…or at least I hope that holds true, hee hee, because our family works together A LOT!

We use wood heat and the kids and I take on the job of hauling the majority of the wood from the wood pile to the back door (my dear husband gets the wood chopped and stacked.)

Lucas’ job is to fill up the kenneling bucket (Shiloh helps but she didn’t want her picture taken)



Josiah doesn’t handle the wheel barrow very well so I use it and he uses a hand truck



Jordan helps both of us stack and unstack our different means of transport



Once Lucas finished his job he decided to help his brother Josiah with his job. They’re trying to use the tractor to make their job easier but…100_2322

it’s not really looking like an easier method to me


They’re actually going up a small hill so they can enjoy going down the big hill around the corner. They say guys think differently from women…agreed!


These are my two hardest workers so to them the more work involved the better the rest that follows


I always dread getting the wood in, it is a chore after all, but at the same time I enjoy it. It’s good exercise and fun to see my kids work together!

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Guiding Light said...

What a great post! Love the pics! :-) Visiting on the blog walk.

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