Saturday, March 5, 2011

School on Saturday

No we aren’t doing make up days for snow! We’re just insane Smile with tongue out

I fee like I never have enough time to do school with the little ones so when the older boys left with their dad this afternoon I asked if they would like to do some school and to my surprise, they said YES! We’ll I wasn’t really surprised, they are still young enough to enjoy school. And really, what child doesn’t enjoy intentional time with their mom or dad.

We started with their AWANA’s lesson. Why do I always manage to save that for the weekend?? We also practiced counting a bit. They seem to have a prejudice against the number 15. They both skip it every time! Now, when ever I see them, I’m going to ask “What comes after 14?” or “What number is before 16?” Hopefully that’ll get ‘em straight in a hurry, if not there’s no hope for ‘em!

They are learning the letter K so we did a little practice listening to the sound it makes and coloring pictures with the /k/. Then we put the books away and started to play.

100_2412I put a piece of paper in the bottom of the muffin tin’s.  Each piece had one of the letters they’ve learned so far.  They tossed a coin and got the paper from the tin their coin landed in. 100_2413100_2412They identified the name of the letter and the sound it made, then they stuck it in the “letter pocket.”  It was fun, easy, and effective. My kinda game and their kinda learning Smile



Briana said...

We do a few school things on Saturday mornings so I don't think you're insane!

Looks like they had lots of fun.

Jesmicwilmom said...

Sounds fun! So much better than boring bookwork. :) Visiting from the Crew.

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