Monday, February 14, 2011

Inner Beauty


Last Tuesday we were lucky enough to find Despicable Me on the Bookmobile and since we had a Valentine Banquet scheduled for Friday we declared Thursday Family Movie Night.

As I was wiping down the table after dinner, Shiloh was climbing down from one of the bar stools and fell.  As soon as she hit the grown, the stool beside her hit her face. There was no time for her or me to catch it or block it so it hit her right dead in the mouth. I knew she would have a busted lip at the least, but when I picked her up I realized her mouth just didn’t look right.




This picture was taken the next day



We consoled her as best we could and convinced her to hold ice on it, but she told us her tooth was loose and big. She was immediately aware of her face not looking like it should (even before she saw a mirror). She started acting somewhat self-conscious. It was actually quite sad to see her so down about her appearance. After all, she’s only 3!

 100_2364 100_2362





Daddy & older brother try to cheer her up with flowers and a princess balloon. I think it worked


The dentist took an x-ray and there are no broken or cracked teeth in the front, but as the swelling has gone down and I’ve been able to look in her mouth more, I’m seeing lots of bruising on the left side of her mouth. She’s also complaining a back tooth hurting and being loose. We’re going back to the dentist this week, so hopefully we’ll know more then.

The whole weekend she’s hardly eaten anything at all. Applesauce, mashed potatoes, and yogurt seemed to be her favorites. She did eat a few M&M’s today though, lol. She wouldn’t try to eat much, not even oatmeal. When she bites down her teeth hit and it hurts Sad smile. I really feel bad for her.

We went to the banquet Friday and I ended up having to call her dad to come pick her up. 100_2369She only wanted to sit in my lap, she didn’t want anyone to see her or talk to her. We had a church stew on Saturday and she acted the same way. She’s such an energetic child that it really breaks my heart to see her so withdrawn. I know part of it is the pain and not being able to eat what she sees. Every time I ask her if she wants something she tells me to save it for when she feels better.

We’ve really started reinforcing the fact that beauty is on the inside and that God looks at our hearts to find our true worth and beauty. We think she’s beautiful no matter what, but more than anything I want her to be beautiful before her Lord. I’m thankful that this has given us the opportunity to teach her about inward beauty more directly.

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