Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plans for the upcoming week…

I never feel like I get it all done, I think there’s just too much that I want to do. One day I’ll learn to limit my expectations and set more reasonable goals so as not to be disappointed when we don’t get to everything. So for this week I decided to just make a bullet list of the things I want to accomplish, these should be obtainable. Then at the end of the week I’ll look back to see how much I accomplished:
  • IEW papers started and possibly finished
  • Begin Barton lesson 10 and get at least half way
  • Lucas to work on Reading Kingdom at least 4 days
  • Jordan to get back on track with his Math u See after reviewing some excellent math curriculums (we may have found a new curriculum for him to use next year)
  • History! History! History! We usually do lots of history but not this year! There have been more important subjects that have demanded my attention and I have sadly let History fall, somewhat, by the way. They have learned a lot thru videos and some reading but not what we usually accomplish. We love history so it shouldn’t be to hard to jump back into it. I miss doing our History and Science the Charlotte Mason way. Perhaps next year we’ll be able to come together as a family and spend more time reading great living books.
  • My Side of the Mountain every night!
  • Campus Life club, we’ve missed because of snow lately and it’s calling for more snow this week so we may miss again Sad smile
  • Gym Thursday! We have snacks this week so I’ll have to remember to pick up some healthy stuff for the students.
  • Two reviews due this week Ten Marks and Lifeway’s Holman Bible Dictionary
  • Review F, M, and B for the last time with Lucas and Shiloh. Maybe we can move on this week (hoping, hoping, hoping) I don’t want to rush them if they don’t remember the letters but I really had hoped we’d get all the letters learned this year. It’s not going to happen. It’s okay though since they’ll have all next year to learn them. No hurry really. I’d rather go slow and teach them both to read together than to have to teach them separately.
  • Count to 30 without mistakes. Shiloh seems to skip 16 every.single.time! If I can get her to 20 she’ll be able to go to 30 easily!
Okay I believe that’s enough. I’ll print this out and see if it makes a difference. I’ll post this weekend what I was able to accomplish and what was too ambitious Smile

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