Monday, January 31, 2011

Last weeks plans…

Okay last week I set up some goals for myself so let’s see how well I did:
  • IEW papers were definitely started, but certainly not finished. IEW is one of those subjects (like History) that I love but never find enough time to do as much as I really want to do.
  • Barton Lesson 10 was started and we got through several sections, but even more important, I’m realizing, are the read alouds I just bought for him. He really likes them and they are very helpful with learning site words and one syllable words. The best part is, even though the books are kind of easy, the story lines are for an older child. The books are from Vangar Publishers
  • Lucas is progressing nicely with Reading Kingdom.
  • We are finished with our math review and Jordan has picked back up in Math U See. Not sure how fast we’ll get through these lessons in order to finish by the end of May, but I he’ll get it I’m sure.
  • We had a lot of fun in History this week. We spent the majority of one day learning about President McKinley and Roosevelt. The plan this week is American Literature and a little Mark Twain. This should be fun Smile
  • My Side of the Mountain  was read some nights but not every night. It seems our evenings are just too busy to get it every night. I guess that’s a good thing because we are enjoying life.
  • The snow was a miss and we made it to Campus Life (but Wednesday night church was cancelled because of ice)
  • Gym was great
  • Review’s are done. have a couple more I need to get done this week.
  • F, M, and B are still being reviewed. Lucas knows them but Shiloh still mixes them up a little. We’re going to start an ABC notebook this week and add these three letters. Then next week I’ll move on. She’s only 3 so I see no point holding him up for her. She’ll get it.
  • Shiloh is still skipping 16, lol. Lucas is doing good though.

Although I didn’t achieve all of my goals I believe I got more done than I would’ve if I had no goals at all. I think I’ll try this again every couple weeks, just to keep myself on track. It was a good week! Smile

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