Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Little Squirrely

My big manly little boy, went squirrel hunting the other day, something he and his brothers LoVe to do. But this time, he actually killed one. Well I shouldn't say it like that, it wasn't his very first. He spent alot of time sitting on the edge of the wood, watching, listening, and waiting. Patience is not his strongest virtue but, when it comes to hunting, he realizes it's a must!  His patience paid off later that afternoon.

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His younger brother seems to be so proud of him

My kids are of the picky nature so I never dreamed I'd hear him say, "will you cook it for me, mama?" My reply: "ah, yeah, sure I'll cook it for you." My thoughts: "why on earth do you want me to cook something for us to look at. No one will eat this thing!" My husband and I had tried squirrel before and we didn't care to have it for dinner. But to please my son, my husband prepared the squirrel for cooking and I set about fixing our real dinner. The squirrel needed to soak a bit so I just left him soaking while I finished dinner. When we sat down to eat, my son asked "where's my squirrel?"  Oh!  He was serious about having squirrel for dinner? When I realized he really expected it to be on the table, I jumped up, battered and fried it, then what happened next shocked the socks off me. You'd have to know my family. My kids wont eat normal stuff!  But maybe because he had ownership in it, or maybe he's growing out of his picky-ness, for whatever reason, my son had squirrel for supper that night. And he seemed to enjoy it fairly well.

According to him it tastes like chicken  


He sucked those bones dry, I couldn't believe it!

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