Saturday, January 21, 2012

So What’s New?

My nook that’s what!! I had a regular nook but after 6 months of issues one of the customer service rep’s offered to send me a new one or I could upgrade to the color. Obviously I paid the difference and took the upgrade. Oh.My.Word am I glad I did.


This is a whole new experience for me. I’ve never had a touch anything so this little baby has really impressed the socks off me. Not only is reading fun (it was before the nook color came into my life so yeah, it still is) but it’s also easier.

The other day I finished a book and was looking for another to read (without having to buy one) and found one of my friends on Facebook, who lent me a nook book, and within minutes (maybe even seconds) there it was on my nook, ready for me to read. UH, really? So awesome!

I can sit down and in just a few minutes be up to date on the blogs I wantPulse to be up to date on (I have hundreds on Google reader and it’s so hard to sort through them, so lately I haven’t even bothered), I can catch the latest national, world, AND local headlines, and even check my weather for snow. All of this with just ONE of my new apps (PULSE). I also have a new calendar app for all my review info. I’m just trying this out for the first time today, so the verdict is still out on this one. I may or may not stick with it. These are freebies too, I can’t even imagine how nice the ones you have to pay for would be. There are tons of these things and remind me, how did I ever get by before apps?

So lately I’ve been wondering, are we living in the technical revolution? What will the future call this point in history? It’s definitely more than just the computer age now, wouldn’t you say?

So, what’s new with you?

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Anna D. said...

Well, I still don't know if I want either the nook or kindle eventually. But you've convinced me to go with the color version of whichever one I get. What have you heard about nook color vs. kindle fire? Why'd you go nook?

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