Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas and then Happy New Year!!!


Christmas was great! We were really busy ALL of December. Actually we started working on our Christmas play every Sunday beginning in September. This was hard because One of our angels didn't make it for the nativity...all her pracitcing and she fell asleep before her cueSunday is our family day. It’s a do nothing (except go to church, awana and choir practice) day. We were still together as a family but boy I really look forward to resting on Sundays and I know my husband does because he works long hours 6 days a week.

   One of our angels didn't make it for the nativity...all her practicing and she fell asleep before her cue

021So after the Sunday before Christmas we were out of school, the Christmas play and cantata were done, and we (the kids and I) were free to do nothing but wrap gifts and cook for Christmas. My favorite things to do during Christmas are: go shopping with just my hubby, go shopping with hubby and all the kids to let them buy for their sibling (they draw names), and fix a “thank you gift” for our donors who live close enough for a visit.

This year our “thank you” was a pound of sausage. We all worked as a family to complete the task and then Mark and some of the kids delivered. Normally I would deliver also but I w023as working on another project for a nearby neighbor whose wife died this year. I made him a rocky mountain fruit cake. The recipe was 100 years old and can I say this…I have no idea how it lasted that long. It was hard to make and, in my opinion, not so tasty, Smile with tongue out  But it was fun doing it simply because I was doing it for him.

Although 2011 was a good year for our family (not because we 005experienced any extra special event such as a birth, wedding, or winning the lottery Smile) I was excited to see 2012 come around. I just love a new year. It’s like a fresh start. It’s strange isn’t it. I mean, after all, the Word say’s His mercies are new everyday so I really don’t need January 1st for a new start.                                                           

New Year's Eve party at our house

At any rate, I was happy for a new year and I made a new years resolution.  Who cares if you don’t keep it…just make ‘em and break ‘em, right? No, this year I really don’t want to break my resolution. Actually, it isn’t really a resolution. This year I asked the kids to pray about a weakness or stronghold in their lives and to let me know, sometime during the first week of January, what they chose. I already had mine picked out and was very excited when they shared theirs with me.

We have agreed, as a family, to pray for one another in these particular areas. So far, day 6, we’re doing good!! I haven’t yelled at the kids once this week, lol! I hope I can make it until December 31! I figure if I can make it until then, the Lord will have truly broken it for me. I really do struggle at times. I’m seriously considering tape for my mouth on those ‘tough’ days. I know they’re coming!! Y’all pray for me Smile


Giggly Girls said...

I'm just cooing over your sleeping angel missing her cue. That is just the sweetest story.

I love your resolutions! What a great idea.

I did not like Winter Promise, to put it mildly. The short story, besides the fact it took 6 months to get my order completed, was that it (Children Around the World) was filled with error after error after error. I pitched it after 5 weeks. If you find my labels on my blog sidebar you can click the Winter Promise link you can read about the whole debacle. It's not pretty.

Mary said...

Great resolutions. Hmmmm....Rocky Moutain Fruit Cake sounds.....interesting!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! And, I love the "resolution" idea.

Tess said...

I love your your "resolution" though were 10 days into the new year I just may have to bring this up with my family.

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