Saturday, October 15, 2011

TOS Review E-Mealz

What’s an e-meal?
That’s the question I had when I first heard the name. Well it’s not a ‘thing’ it’s a program designed to make mealtime easy for mom. They do this by creating a weeks worth of easy to prepare meals. They also include the shopping list for these meals, to help you get in and out of the store of your choice, quickly and efficiently.
They have several plans to choose from. You can choose by store and family size, or by special dietary needs. The chart below will make it very clear.
After choosing your plan, print out the menu and shopping list, then head to the store. It’s pretty simple. You can check out a sample menu and list on the e-mealz site. The cost of e-mealz is $15 for 3 months, that’s just $5 per month. Not bad for the amount of work and stress it will save you.
e-mealz and me
I was so excited to be asked to review e-mealz, the ‘mental-maid’ program for busy mom’s who enjoy having a sit down meal with their family. Meal planning is one of my biggest challenges. When I take the time to do it, which is very rare, it makes a HUGE difference in my afternoon and evening. Life just runs smoother when we know what’s happening next. I plan and schedule all the different ‘times’ in my day (wake time, school time, lunch time, bedtime) why do I fail to plan my meals? Lazy I guess. At any rate, e-mealz has made it very easy for me.
When I first started out with e-mealz I signed up to use the Wal Mart plan because I do did most of my shopping there. Since then, I’ve begun couponing (I’m trying! Boy it’s confusing at times) and one of the main reasons for my couponing is to keep me out of Wal Mart. I do not like going in there! So, in my learning to coupon, my dear sister-in-law convinced me to give Aldi’s a try. It wasn’t my first time going in there, but it was my first time actually looking at the prices. When I did my comparisons, Aldi’s was cheaper than Wal Mart on 9 out of 10 items. So I decided to switch my e-mealz plan to Aldi’s.
I have several lists from both Wal Mart and Aldi’s and they each have quick and easy recipes. I did not try ALL of the recipes but I did try several on my very.very.picky family and they didn’t object to any except the chicken pot pie. I took it to a pot luck and they didn’t even try it because of the veggies mixed in. They just don’t like their foods mixed together. I tried it though, and it was so good and super easy to fix.

Head on over to e-mealz to give it a try, I bet you’ll be glad you did!
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**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received this product free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion/review. For more honest reviews from real homeschoolers, visit the TOS Crew website.

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