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TOS Review: GoGo Kabongo


The TOS Crew is reviewing a new online reading readiness game known as GoGo Kabongo. This program is an assortment of activities designed to help a child as he begins his learning to read journey.   There are three main habitats to explore and within each habitat there are three games with six levels in each game. It’s like layers upon layers of things to see and games to play. This is great, however, I would not recommend this for anyone without high-speed internet because every level requires the game to pause for ‘loading.

The cost for GoGo Kabongo is very reasonable! The habitats are usually $4.95 each but for a limited time you can have full access to Laughter Lake at no charge and if you sign up before the deal ends you will receive another free habitat. That’s a total of 3 habitats for only $4.95. GREAT DEAL! Also click here for a free demo before you sign up. The program is designed for ages 4-7, and I think that is just the right age to benefit from it.

GoGo Kabongo: What’s it all about?


Kabongo uses a cognitive approach to reading, helping the child learn to think and reason by using interesting and challenging games in the process (note: this is not a program to teach your child to read, it only aides in the early steps prior to learning, this is my opinion). Why is it important to enhance cognitive abilities for reading purposes? This is what Kabongo states on their website:

Reading is a cognitive activity, which demands more than knowing your letter sounds. Children have to learn how to integrate their knowledge of letters with other clues contained inside and outside of the text to become effective readers. By focusing on the cognitive processes that underlie reading, and providing plenty of opportunities for practice, GO GO KABONGO! helps kids develop good thinking habits, which in turn makes them better readers.

Here is a chart that outlines the different skills the child should learn and which activity/game it corresponds with. If you would like more information about these skills visit their website for a detailed description of each skill and it’s importance in the learning to read process.






Each habitat offers the same quality brain strengthening games, just with it’s own specialized theme to keep it interesting to the kids.





Each haPhotobucketbitat you visit has it’s own unique ‘tour guide’, from MiMi the selPhotobucketf absorbed rabbit/kangaroo at Twister Top, to my personal favorite Karl the monotone, funny but not meaning to be spider/octopus dude from Galaxy Gardens (these are our personal descriptions you can visit here for a more accurate description.) The characters are a bit strange looking and there seems to be more skulls than I would prefer, especially in the avatar choices, but I don’t think my kids really noticed. My kids actually enjoyed the characters and so did I for the most part.

Progress Reports

Each week you will receive an update on what your child has been doing and how well they did. It lets you know which skills were addressed and at what level their progression reached. It also gives you neat ideas to use at home (off the computer) to help develop these skills and have one on one time (which is just as important as any skill the could learn on the computer) with you, their parent Smile As an added bonus, at the end of each progress report there’s always a recommendation for a great website, full of helpful ideas, to check out.

As a last note I would like to point out that the games start very easy and increase in difficulty with each successful completion. The games are also very short to begin with, so the younger child shouldn’t loose interest. With each successful finish the child will earn a reward. When receiving rewards, they have three options to choose from. They can acquire something for their Tree House, Comic Book, or Skateboard Park.

If you would like to see what other homeschoolers are saying about GoGo Kabongo, visit the TOS Crew site.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received this product free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion/review. For more honest reviews from real homeschoolers, visit the TOS Crew website.

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