Saturday, April 30, 2011

Read aloud Challenge April 28

Reading pictureA couple weeks ago the retina in Mark’s left eye detached and we were forced to head back to Dr. M’s office for a repeat of last July, only it was a different eye this time. Another difference was the medication he was put on following the surgery. He became very ill and hasn’t recovered even now two and a half weeks later. He is doing better though.
So the week of the surgery the kids stayed with their cousins and we did no read alouds. The next week we did the bare minimum (so little I don’t remember what it was).  This week we’re back at it and this is what we read:
  • Tuck Everlasting (it was an audio book and we LOVED it, finished it in two settings. Our library will offer override starting Monday so we’ll be doing more of these (hopefully).
  • Did You Know? (Bible Devo)
  • Book of Matthew
  • Apologia Who is God? 
  • Young Readers Bible
  • A Family of Grizzly Bears
  • About a half dozen picture books
  • Jordan devoured read two RPM books. I promised to buy these for him if he would learn his states and capitals. He was able to write out all the states so I gave him the first book. He couldn’t wait to start the second book so I folded and gave it to him even though he didn't know the capitals from memory. Besides, he knows them already by matching and with a little more effort he’ll have them from memory too. I’m just happy he wants to read Smile
Farmer Boy has been put to the side but I hope to pick it back up this week. 
Check out what everyone else is reading this week by visiting Footprints in the Butter.


Read Aloud Dad said...

Congratulations on your read-aloud challenge!

Impressive and inspirational for other parents, me included!

Read Aloud Dad

Melissa said...

Oh, hope recovery is speeding up for the eye...
We are enjoying Farmer boy right now as well!
...and we LOVE audio books for the trips back and forth to therapy...right now we are doing a Walter Brooks book, Freddie the Detective!

Debra said...

Oh, I sure hope Mark is back to 100% really soon...

Tuck Everlasting? I'm trying to remember if we've read that. I'm going to need to check with my kids on that...

That's the down side of doing this challenge, LOL! I keep finding more stuff we need to read.

Anyway, sounds like a great week. And good job, Jordan!

Tess said...

I've seen the movie for Tuck Everlasting. Maybe one of these days I should read the book? I completely understand about doing the bare minimum and not remembering. Is Mark fully recovered now?

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