Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homeschool FuN DaY

Yesterday our local homeschool group sponsored a Fun Day and hotdog supper. We aren’t as involved in the group as we could be, but we always have a grLucas in the 3 legged race with a new friendeat time when we get together. We just never seem to have the time or money to do a lot with the group. I’m so glad we attended this event, because there were some new families there and it was fun meeting everyone.
The kids were separated according to age and rotated around to each station/activity. They had a water relay,  Josiah and his partner ended up perfecting the three legged race and won for their grouphoola hoop fun, tug of war,  a three legged race, sack races, cake walks, face painting and more.

Even the adults had fun  with the tug of war at times. It was Jody was so good with Shiloh,helping her with the sack hoppinga wonderful afternoon, full of activities, food, and fun. The ending was wonderful because the kids took of their shoes and played in the creek while the adults cleaned up. They had a blast searching for ‘creatures.’ My boys found a few crawdads and captured them for a short bit. We turned them loose before we left :-)
boys tug of warA Great Way To Start The School Year!!!!!!!


Our Village is a Little Different said...

That looks like a wonderful day!

You were tagged in my blog post today.

ltran said...

LOVE the pictures! Especially the one of Lucas and that little girl. I did realize that they were doing a 3 legged race but at first it just looked like a cute couple of kids walking with arms around one another awww! That looked like a lot of fun!! So that was a homeschool activity? You are part of a homeschool group or something? There are a lot of homeschool groups around here I have heard of. Love ya :)

Marie said...

yes it was a homeschool activity. It was kind of a get to know you/kick off the new year picnic/field day event. It was alot of fun. We won like 3 cakes in the cake walk!

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