Thursday, June 17, 2010


We’ve just recently completed Awana’s! Both boys completed their books early. 100_0733My 8 yr old, who is dyslexic actually completed his book in January. He could have easily finished a second book, but we found out he had dyslexia and it sort of sent me for a loop. I didn’t work with him on his Awana verses very much after that :-( He still came close to completing the second book despite my lack of help.100_0738

I’m so very proud of both of my boys!! Awana’s is very hard work but they, along with their other Awana buddies, worked very hard and done a super job!



We also just completed our spring ball season. We played with a new group but, thankfully we had the same coach we’ve had all along. Jordan loves playing ball and100_0703 we plan to go at it again in the fall. He plays ball, and LoVes it, but his real dream is to drive a bandolero one day. Money is a huge issue there :-(  We’ll just keep playing ball and praying that God supplies the funding if racing is the “way that he should go.”  


While he played ball the rest of the kids found lots of other fun things to do. We played on the playground everyday and they really enjoyed that. Looking forward to fall ball!

And with the end of Awana and ball season comes the end of school! YAYYYYYYY!! The boys were excellent students this year. I gave my 10 year old the end of year tests that the public schools are required to take, and he passed both with flying colors. One of them was on our state history and we hadn’t even covered that, but he knew the answers and passed it. I don’t have to give him these tests but I do it for my own peace of mind…so I’m at peace…for a few more months…until school starts up again……………………….

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your son. My 8yo son is also Dyslexic so I know what a big accomplishment that is for him and you :)

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