Friday, July 15, 2011

School Time’s a Comin’

And I’m getting ready!!  My older boys and husband have been out of the house this week so I’ve used the time to get all of my school planning done. I have worked day and night but it’s been fun.
100_2816Lucas and I stayed up together a couple nights.  Believe it or not we made some pretty sweet memories working together.

Shiloh stayed up with me last night….and it shows, lol

I really wanted to be ready to start school by the first week in August and I had two full weeks coming up, so I knew I would need to get it all done this week. I spent the first two days buying some supplies and cleaning out our library/computer/homeschool room.
I must admit, it looks quiet nice (I really should have taken a before picture).I know it won’t stay that way though, lol.     
We don’t actually do school in this room (we did once upon a time) but I do have an area for Jordan to do his Phonetic Zoo and Bible work.
We cleaned a shelf off of this bookcase to make room for our Sonlight Core E!!! I also have to make room for some Heart of Dakota books that I loaned a friend last year. Not sure where I’ll put those but I’ll figure it out.
My 5 year old son will be starting kindergarten this year and his 4yr old sister will be doing it right along side him. I wanted to make it special for them so I have a few things planned to make learning fun and easy (I hope!).

I’ve set up an area in my kitchen for us to do their school. In the past I’ve tried to do it in different areas of the house but we always seem to end up back in the kitchen. So this year the kitchen and dining room will be our main school areas except for when we’re doing our reading (SONLIGHT!!) That’ll be done on the couch as always.

So for the little ones, I moved their small bookcase and filled it with some of the books I want us to read this year.

They each have a cubby bin to hold their glue, crayons, scissors, etc. and another bin to hold their workbooks and papers. We bought stickers and I decorated one bin and they decorated the other.
I also created a morning board (although it may not get done in the morning…just depends). The idea came when one of my blogging friends (Rusheika, at Island Mama's Adventures) introduced me to the idea and directed me to 1+1+1=1 and Mama Jean.  I used Hubbard's Corner to help me determine what I wanted them to cover this year. I made a list and as soon as they cover a few of the items on the board, I’ll redo it and add new stuff. At least that’s my plan…things often don’t go the way I plan…we may totally hate this morning board thing. Goodness I hope not.

Our Morning Board

So there’s part of our school plan.  Tomorrow I’m going to blog about the older boys and the changes we’ve made for them.


Wendy said...

Wow! Looks great! I don't have a "school room" in my house, but I do have a huge walk-in pantry where I store all of our books, materials, etc. We, like you, always find ourselves in the kitchen or on the couch working. In spring and fall when the weather is nice, we work outside as much as possible so we can enjoy the beautiful weather.

Marie said...

Thanks Wendy! We have these cute little desks for each child and normally they keep all of their books and stuff in them and do some of their work while at their desks. It just gives them a quiet place to work. But this year, we're all going for the kitchen table from the get go. Oh and, the reason we're able to have a school room is because my three boys share a bedroom. It's a pretty good size room so they fit nicely :)

Giggly Girls said...

It looks great!!!!! I just redid our morning board, although I haven't blogged about it yet.

Vickie said...

What a fun idea :) Thanks for sharing. I may do something like this for my littles too.

Crystal said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow Marie thanks so much for sharing! I haven't had a chance to get our schedule figured out yet but I have been drooling over the back to school supply sales and really went wacky in JoAnn Fabrics today over their organizational supplies!
I have a Kindergartener this year (haven't had one for 6 years) and the morning board looks so cool- I'm gonna look a bit closer and make one too. I think he'll really like it and it will be something new and exciting for me as well.
Thanks so much for your ideas and sharing!

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