Saturday, July 16, 2011

School Time’s A Comin’ Part 2

Yesterday I talked about school for my little ones but things are changing for my older boys as well. At the end of last year we decided that my oldest son needed more attention. Not because he wasn’t doing well in school, just because he was feeling a little left out. I was working with his brother through almost all of his subjects and I never sit down with Jordan during the day.

So this year I’m moving the boys away from their desks and we’ll be doing school at the kitchen table. 


I purchased these crates, one for each of them and and a pink one for me. We’ll keep all of our daily books and supplies in them and bring them to the table each morning.


These are no where near full. Some of the stuff in there now are review products that were started in the middle of the last school year. We’ll continue working through those this year. I just purchased our remaining homeschool books this week, so we’ll hopefully be ready by August!

I’ve created a schedule that I’m going to slide into a page protector. Each day we’ll be able to check off as we work through it. I’ve also fixed it so I can adjust the times once we get started because I really wasn’t sure how much time some of our subjects would take.Schedule 1_thumb[3]Schedule 2_thumb[11]


Vickie said...

We use backpacks for daily work. The kids bring their backpacks to the table every morning and put them away in their bedrooms every night. I don't have a place to stack 11 crates LOL I do have a basket/crate that I use for my daily books with the yearly books on a particular bookshelf. I love the way your schedule looks. How'd you get that fancy dancy arrow in the middle like that? Sure makes it easier to see that time slot vs typing it in each block.

Looks like you are well on your way to being ready. I need to hop to it.

Marie said...
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Milk and Honey Mommy said...
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Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I like the crate idea for me. I usually just pull the books from the shelf as we use them throughout the day, but I guess it would be handy to have them right by my side rather than having to walk to the office/school room to retrieve a book I forgot. Currently, we're using our dining room table to do our work.

We are also trying out a new schedule especially since I haven't added all of our subjects in our week. We just finished our second week of school.

Athena said...

I'm a fellow crew member. I have to agree that for me, the best thing I did was move from the desks to the kitchen table about 10 years ago! My highschoolers do their work wherever they want, but my youngest (8) has never known homeschooling at the desk. It is much more natural, and I enjoy being able to step away and be mixing up dinner while still supervising! I hope it works well for you too!

Rachel said...

You are talking to a momma who has always schooled in her kitchen. We store the bulk of books down in our office -- which is way too tiny to use as a classroom -- and then I use crates, much like you. Each child gets their own pencil pouch. Ha ha -- they have to or else there's issues over someone taking "their" pencil.

Anyways, I love teaching in the kitchen. I can cook and keep an eye on everything.

Blessings to you!

from the crew

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