Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer is Here…School is OUT!!


We decided to let May 27 be our last ‘official’ day of school for the year. We haven’t finished our math so we’ll continue to work on that until we finish (it’ll take a few weeks). We also have to take our CAT test. This is the first year I’ve used this test with the boys and I’m a little nervous about how they’ll do. I looked at Jordan’s test and he should do fine with it, IF he takes it seriously. He doesn’t take pride in much when it comes to school so I’m afraid he’s just going to do it with the attitude of “let’s get it done and over with.” If the does that, we may have a problem Sad smile

So we kicked of our summer weekend with a sleepover for the boys. We had a cookout and the boys did some bike racing (they love that sort of thing).



Later that night, we watched the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 and ALL the boys (even the Gordan and Bush fans) were pulling for Dale Jr to win. We told them that we had fireworks to shoot off if he won (we’ve been saving them for 2 YEARS! Come on Dale you’ve gotta win one so I can get those things out of my laundry room!). It was such a good race. Dale was in the lead at the end and coming to the finish line. All the boys were on their feet cheering…


…and all of a sudden…he runs out of gas!!  I’m just thankful Jordan had all his buddies over so the disappointment was short lived.

The next night we had a bon fire to burn up some of our brush piles from the tress we had cut down. We invited friends over and roasted marshmallows…so much fun!



We had 7 cut down to make room for the building we’ll be putting up in a few weeks. The building is for our new business. We are opening a deer processing business to help supplement Marks salary. He’s been working as a butcher part time for quiet a while, but we’re hoping we can help him work a few months in the fall/winter and keep him from having to work every Thursday and Saturday at the meat market. He seems to be gone all the time and none of us like that. We like working together as a family so we’ll see how it works out. School may be difficult during those months…we might have to do some in the evening but at least Mark will be here to help us Smile

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