Thursday, June 9, 2011

Read Aloud Challenge June 9

Reading pictures

It’s been awhile since I took the challenge but fearing nothing I will post this week. We have been so off schedule since Mark’s eye surgery nearly 2 months ago! We will probably stay off schedule until school starts in Aug, but even when we’re not reading our normal load, we’re still reading…always!

So here’s what we’re reading these days:

We’re reading through the Bible in a year, as a family. This has been Josiah’s request for quite some time and when Mark found, out he wanted us to do it as a family. So we are. We started May 19!

Jordan hasn’t read anything, other than his God’s World News magazine, since getting out of school two weeks ago. This is a sad disappointment but I’m trying not to push it too much. He checked out a couple books from the bookmobile so I’m sure desperately hoping he’ll read them before we have to return them.

I checked out a couple of eBooks for the nook and Josiah has read one of them twice. It’s a short book but I’m happy about ANYthing he reads for fun. He just doesn’t attempt it very often. He’s also reading his Dan and Sam adventure books.

With the little ones, I’ve decided to stop trying to read big books to them for awhile. I want to enjoy the picture books while I can. They’ll be moving out of that stage soon and I really dread the day that we go to the library and leave with NO picture books. So for now, it’s 2 picture books each per day and their Bible storybook.

As for me, I’m still doing my Jane Austen books. I’m reading Persuasion at the moment.

And that’s it! Our light reading load for the summer!

So what’s your family reading? Take the challenge at Footprints in the Butter.


Michelle Smith said...

Good job. I really didn't read any picture books that I can recall this week. I need to do that this evening. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Debra said...

I love it... and I've been feeling the same way about picture books lately. My little ones are looking so big these days. I want to enjoy the picture books for a lot longer.

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