Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th will always be a day to remember

September 11th will always be a day toSept 11 remember, for my generation at least. There are some who are younger that seem to be oblivious of what took place that day, the enormity of it, the amount of lives lost, the history that was made because of it. Is it their fault? No, of course it itsn’t. When I was 13 December 7, 1941 was just another date in history. The kids that are 13 today, were only 4 on 9/11.

But for those of us how remember, we can neverSept 11 pentagon forget. It was unbelievable to watch and even more unbelievable to realize that all the triage teams and hospitals that were ready to help the injured, were really not needed. There were very few surviors.

Those precious families who said goodbye to their loved ones before heading off to work that morning, and those who weren’t able to say goodbye that morning, will never forget.

The families who had loved ones on the planes, headed on vacation, business trips and the like. They will never forget.

Sept 11,2 As the days passed and the news coverage grew, we learned about many personal stories of lives lost. I still remember details of some that I will never forget. A husband who sent his wife, daughter and sister-in-law off on vacation. A husband whose brand new bride had traveled to NY for a business trip. She had called and left him a message when the planes hit. She didn’t know what it was, and he later found out what it was. He came to NY to look for his lost wife, thinking maybe she made it out. Who can forget all those precious people gathered with signs of lost loved ones, hoping upon hope to have them found. I wonder when they finally gave up hope and realized their loved ones would not be coming home? How sad!

But Praise God, we do have HOPE! His name is JESUS! He is the HOPE of the world! THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE! One day we’ll be reunited with many of those who died that tragic day, but sadly not all.

Many lost their lives that day, but for those who knew God’s plan to save us thru His Son Jesus, for those who trusted Jesus’ miraculous act on Calvary, their lives on earth ended that day but their eternal joy began. Oh what a day it was for them! They met their Savior face to face! Their tears were wiped away and their faces shone like never before. Thank you JESUS for always being HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS!! 

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