Thursday, July 22, 2010

“Travel Kits” For those long and not so long trips!

 Travel Kits is an e-book created by Donna Rees for the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Store. The cost of this, 93 page, e-book is $12.45 and it can be used to bless family, friends, and neighbors over and over.travelkits_cover_sm
Travel Kits are uniquely designed kits to make travel fun for kids and easy for adults. There are no two alike, or at least there shouldn’t be :-)
Basically you chose a basket, box, bucket, or any container large enough to fill with the amount of ‘goodies’ you want to include. Then you start filling the container up with things the kids will enjoy and that will occupy them for the long trip ahead. This makes it easy for parents because when the kids are happy, we are happy :-)
This book gives you step by step instructions with lots and lots of details and ideas for creating a Travel Kit to suite your need. Donna Rees has even included ideas for mom, dad, and the family pet. What child wouldn’t be thrilled to give spot a new fetch ball to play with on vacation?
Some ‘goodies’ you might include in your travel kit would be snacks for the ride, travel games, small cars, color books, crayons, reading books, music cd’s, books on cd, etc. You can even include things for them to use when they get to their destination, such as  balls, pool toys, hair bows, bracelets, etc.
After choosing your container, purchasing and wrapping your goodies, the final step will be deciding how to distribute them.
For this there are numerous ideas. A few that I liked in particular were:
  • Having them take turns opening a ’goodie’ every 30 minutes and sharing whatever is inside. This would work well for snacks only or if you purchased identical gifts and wrapped them together (such as 3 cars in a pop tart box, one for each boy).
  • Draw names until everyone has opened a gift, then start over
  • Let them open a gift when you cross the state line, hear a certain song on the radio, see a certain color car, get a trucker to honk his horn, etc.
Ms. Rees has a very long list of ideas for distributing the goodies. You will have no problem making this fun for all. You can even use a variety of ideas she’s given or come up with your own. It’s all about having fun without alot of stress!
She gives you all the information and tips you need to make a wonderful travel kit for your family or another family that you want to bless. You can put alot of money into it or you can head on over to the dollar store and create something that will be sure to put a smile on you child’s face.
In addition to the basic information to get you started some other areas covered include:
  • The Package: large and small creative containers
  • The Presents: snacks, crafts, books, music, puzzles, toys, hats, electronics, games, and using your imagination!
  • Different Themes
  • Travel Websites: these are great websites with information about the state(s) you’ll be traveling thru
  • Recipes for including homemade snacks
  • Preparing your vehicle
  • Checklist for packing your vehicle
She closes with tips from fellow travelers and a book list for different age groups.
This e-book is well laid out for those that are not good at coming up with ideas. For those that are very creative and able to use their imagination you can create your travel kit without the aid of this book, but you’d be missing out on some great ideas, wonderful websites, and sweet recipes.

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**Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received this product free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion/review. For more honest reviews from real homeschoolers, visit the TOS Crew website.


Dawn said...

Hi! Stopping by from the Crew to check out your review...very nice, good detail! Have a blessed day!

Michelle Smith said...

Good job with this review! I especially like your bulleted points sections. I always find those sections with very specific information makes the review easier to read. Lots of good details throughout!

Catherine said...

I'm visiting from the crew. What a nice review!

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