Friday, November 19, 2010

The Book Samaritan

God has provided a wonderful ministry to help my family with our homschooling needs and I just want to share it. It’s better than anything you can imagine. It’s called The Book Samaritan. They are non-profit organization that helps homeschooling families with curriculum. 
I have sent requests the past two years and they have helped meet my needs. They tell you to put what you need but not to expect to have it all filled.  This year they really blew me away by fulfilling EVERYTHING I asked for including Math U See and Queen Homeschooling! I didn’t expect that at all, but felt very blessed.
The only rule they have is you cannot resell items you must give them away. So here are some items they’ve given me over the past two years. These are miscellaneous items they sent to help fill in the gaps. These are free for the taking, just send me an address and list of items you want. If you have a few extra bucks to help with shipping that’s fine if not, no worries Smile


Life of Christ Bible Study

Family Guide to the Bible (this is a large hardback book by Readers Digest)

Electing our Presidents by Helen Stone Peterson

Scholastic Art Magazines (these are from 2000)

Social Studies: Regions and Resources (by Silver-Burdett Ginn)

Leadership for Students ages 8-18 (by Karnes & Bean)

If you see it and you want it…let me know and it’s yours!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I might like to have the Life of Christ Bible study and/or the Family Guide to the Bible. Do you mind telling me a little bit about them? You can email me or I can even call you if that's easier. You can email me at If it'll be easier to describe the items on the phone, just give me your phone number in an email and let me know when is good to call you.


P.S.--I just signed up to follow your blog. :)


Wendy said...

Hello Again!

Yes, I think I would like to have the Life of Christ Bible study. If the other lady wants the Family Guide to the Bible, then please let her have it. If she decides not to take it, though, I'd love to have that too!

I'll go to the Crew forum and give you my address there. Also, if you will give me your mailing address, I'll send you some money for postage. :)

Thanks so much!


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